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Data Search International (DSI) serves individuals, businesses and institutions with proficient Online Data Research, Data Processing and Promotional services.

Clients over the years have been benefiting from DSI’s Web Research and Whats App Marketing solutions and have been repeatedly engaging for lead generation services Outsourced Marketing Partners.

Prompt, consistent and efficient service has made DSI as preferred first–level representative, to market various products and/ or services.

Web Research includes:
a. Potential Leads and Custom Databases
b. Information Bank Generation

Whatsapp Marketing Solution includes:
a. Reaching to mass through group posting
b. Handling enquires and generating leads


Web Research

Web Research is a part of KPO industry. It is about putting unstructured data into structured format.

Potential Leads and Custom Databases

Database on different topics such as Events, Individuals/Companies Database from particular sector etc.

Information Bank Generation

Such as Articles related to particular topic, Other format Information such as Images, Audios, Videos, Graphs, Links, PDF, PPT etc.

Social Media Data

Such as tweets, hash tags from Twitter, LinkedIn profiles, Facebook pages and profiles, posts on Timeline & Other Social media.


It is availed by

  • Professionals dealing with huge volume of data
  • Students for project work
  • Professionals for their research and plan lessons
  • Individuals and institutes wish to form Knowledge Bank or Database
  • Companies to have market research database generation for their target market

Why Whatsapp Marketing ?

We are Whatsapp Marketing service provider company focusing on providing a cost efficient business solution. We provide Bulk WhatsApp Text, Images, Audio, Videos Marketing Service at lowest rates. We ensure maximum successful messages delivery within minimum timeframe. We have redundant network of Effective Groups to ensure instant upto 100% delivery of WhatsApp Messages.

Our WhatsApp campaigns ensure you get 10 times more attention of prospect lead compare to other types of lead generation products like TV Ads, Radio Ads, Email Ads, Voice Call Ads, Paper Ads & Holdings. In limited time and efforts you could reach mass target audiance easily.

  • Target Audience
  • Low Cost Efficient Business Solution
  • Prospect Leads Generation
  • Actual Database
  • 100% Guaranteed Satisfaction

It is availed by

  • MSMEs, Professionals such as writers trainers etc. to promote products/services and get thus warm leads

Our PortfolioWe are offering Consultancy to Small and Medium Businesses

  • Lead Generation of Stationery Stores form India and Overseas
  • Lead Generation for Manufacturers
  • Database Generation of Profile Links
  • Telemarketer's Database
  • Links Extraction
  • Knowledge Bank For School
  • Information Bank for Doctor Researching on Special Diseases
  • Whatsapp Marketing Lead Generation for Freelancing Trainers, Writers, Website Developers, Resort and Book Promotions.

Why WeIdentify - Reach - Target

  • Save Time and Efficiency

    Reduce Marketing cost significantly

  • No Frustration

    Get rid of frustration out of irrelevant and misleading data

  • Processed Consolidated Data

    Saves precious delivery time consisting of hours of exploration, trial error and sorting and formatting

  • Consistent Focus on Goal

    Consistent Focus on Goal

  • Centralized Work

    Single point contact adds to efficiency accountability, transparency and effectiveness

  • Cost Effective

    Save resource, manpower and delivery cost same time


REDUCE Workload ! Get RELIEF !! Set Back and RELAX !!!

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